Stories of Carepassion

Madison Irving Team Creates Christmas in July

Don’t let their scrubs and Crouse ID badges fool you: the staff and nurses at Madison Irving Surgery Center are actually covert Santa’s helpers twelve months out of the year, too!

The elves swung into action today for the Gerrity family of Memphis, NY. Parents Meg and Tim brought their five-and-a-half daughter, Lucy, in for cataract surgery this morning, as her twin, Beatrice, was receiving chemotherapy for a brain tumor.

The couple is very busy trying to take care of the needs of the two girls, and their three sons — Will, four; Ian, two-and-a-half; and Seth, six months. One of the nurses had heard about the family’s situation, and asked her colleagues if they wanted to do something special to help. The elves got busy and created Christmas in July, with treats and gifts for everyone, including mom and dad.

Kudos and thanks to the Madison Irving Surgery Center team for exhibiting Carepassion not just in December, but in July and all year through!