Stories of Carepassion

Family Thanks Crouse Team for Carepassion®

In the beginning of 2018, the Crouse Health family began using a term to describe our approach to care and the passion our team members exhibit in their respective roles. That term is Carepassion®.

Our guiding principle is simply this: Listening more closely, treating more skillfully… trusting more completely, caring more deeply. Our passion is treating you with the respect and dignity you deserve… and celebrating what matters most in your life.

What mattered most to the Steenberg family was their Dad, Donald Steenberg of Manlius.  Although Mr. Steenberg passed away at Crouse, his family wrote to President and CEO Kimberly Boynton to express their thanks, saying, “The Carepassion we read about was evidenced throughout the week.”

It was our privilege to care for their beloved father, and we thank them for their words of kindness and affirmation. Their letter below is in its entirety, and we share it as we begin a new year with our commitment to live our Crouse mission, vision and values with Carepassion.

Dear Ms. Boynton,

The family of Donald Steenberg would like to acknowledge and thank the wonderful caregivers he had during his time at Crouse Hospital, from July 1 to 9.

The Carepassion® we read about was evidenced throughout the week. Nurses Jenn, Jenna, Brenna and Reegan, as well as Kaitlyn, Jaylen, Christy, Maria, Jill, Bridget, Kim, Erin, May and Paul all showed both skill and compassion as they took care of our Dad’s needs.

Jenn and Jenna encouraged Dad during the early, more mobile days to do what he could. Brenna ensured that we had time to spend as a family during his last days, while making sure that we knew that she was always available to us with any need. She anticipated our needs and collaborated with us on how we could increase his comfort.

Jenna and Brenna both worked with our family to validate his strong sense of independence and how to facilitate those opportunities when it was safe to do so. They maintained his dignity and sense of self to the end. They took the time to explain all care, knowing he was hard of hearing, in a respectful way so he always knew what was happening to him.

All of Dad’s care team worked together to keep him both comfortable and safe. They reassured us by taking the time to answer our questions and by bringing all the things we asked for, from a warm blanket and extra pillows to lotion and room spray.

Nursing Assistant Jeff frequently stopped by to see if there was anything he could do for us or Dad. Our calls were answered rapidly and with a smile. The message on the wall near our door — Every Day You Will Touch a Life — was definitely put into practice by all.

Reegan called Gale each night with an update. And when she made her last call, she stayed with our Dad even after he passed so that he wasn’t alone until we arrived and graciously recounted his last moments to reassure us that he had passed peacefully. It was clear that she cared deeply.

Your kitchen staff was part of this community as well, clearly taking the commitment to service to heart. When we ordered Dad’s special meals, they arrived in a timely manner and were well prepared. The women who delivered the trays always greeted us with a cheerful hello meant to brighten our day. In addition, we appreciated the thoughtful tray of coffee and snacks refreshed for us each day, even the last one brought in at 1 a.m.

Everyone we encountered, but in particular Jenn, Jenna, Brenna, Reegan and Jeff, demonstrated passion for their jobs, provided patient-centered care, and are shining examples of the vision and values of Crouse.

Donald Steenberg’s Family

Russell Steenberg and Family

Matthew Steenberg and Family

Gale Steenberg Younell and Family