This is Carepassion.®
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At Crouse Health, caring for patients and members of our community is our passion. This sense of purpose is reflected in a new word unique to Crouse.

We call it Carepassion.

It’s about listening more closely.

Treating more skillfully.

Trusting more completely and caring more deeply.

Our passion is treating you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

And celebrating what matters most in your life.

Carepassion at Crouse

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Crouse Patient Mike O’Bryan Talks About His Stay at Crouse

The medical care was exceptional. Yet what impressed Mike O’Bryan the most about his trip to the Crouse ER and subsequent hospitalization was that all providers and staff members made a point to introduce themselves by name.

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Crouse Patient Albert Valasek Tells Love Story

Married for 66 years, Albert and MaryAnn had what he describes as “a good life.” Learn what our nurses did to keep the couple’s love story going during their final days together at Crouse.

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Tonya Swift-Freeman - Secretary, Witting Surgical Center

A Central New York resident for more than 30 years, Tonya's work in her neighborhood and around Syracuse are proof that Carepassion extends beyond Crouse into our community.

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