Stories of Carepassion

Crouse Employee Helps Couple Find Car

If you’ve ever navigated an unfamiliar parking garage, you know how confusing it can sometimes be. How about pulling into a space, only to return hours later not recalling the floor or precise location where you left your vehicle?

Such was the case recently for an elderly couple who had visited their physician. Perplexed, they approached Surieyia Williams, one of our nutritional services employees, who happened to be walking through the Crouse garage.

Surieyia offered to help them, even though she had just started her lunch break. With the clock ticking, she guided the lost visitors, only to have them finally realize they had parked in the CNY Medical Center garage up the street.

Surieyia was on her own time, but graciously came to the couple’s assistance and even escorted them to the other garage. She didn’t think, “It’s not my job.” She didn’t say, “Sorry, but I’m on my lunch break.”

Instead, she seized the opportunity to help someone in need — when they needed it. In doing so, she lived the Crouse mission and our values.

Now that’s Carepassion!