Stories of Carepassion

Valet Service Members Care Deeper

Nicholas Bellini and Steven Bigness park cars for a living. Yet their real focus is on the drivers and passengers of the many vehicles that pull up daily to the valet service in front of Crouse Hospital.

Nick and Steve, like the other members of the valet team, know how many of those about to step inside feel: from anxious, scared, possibly in pain, to excited and happy as they welcome a new baby into the world. And they treat each guest with understanding, empathy and respect.

“All the valet attendants were great, but Nick and Steve went above and beyond,” said Georgia Phipps of Syracuse. “I never thought that someone simply parking my car could be such a blessing at so distressful a time. Each day they asked how I was doing. They asked how my mom was. They expressed sympathy for the situation. They were so encouraging.”

Georgia was also impressed during another visit. “One day, I told Nick that I could walk to my car in the valet lot, saving him from doing so. Yet he walked with me and chatted.”

No matter what the reason for visiting Crouse, you can be sure our team members will try to make your experience as pleasant as possible. “Thank you for providing the valet service to make it easier on families,” wrote Georgia, “and for employing such great individuals to staff it.”