Stories of Carepassion

Carepassion in the Community

What do Adam Shopiro and Veronica Clanton have in common? Besides working together in the same department — Patient Access — they both care about our community and have a passion for improving the lives of others.

The two co-workers join forces each month to do something special for the young people at the Boys and Girls Club on Shonnard St. One month they may host a pizza party, the next, they’ll bring in special treats for the students in the after-school program.

Their enthusiasm for helping others has spread among their Patient Access team members, who make contributions to help purchase goodies or items for the group.

Adam and Veronica volunteer in the community on their own time. Yet their involvement in making Central New York better for these young residents is part of the Crouse mission of providing the best in patient care and promoting community health.

Now that’s Carepassion.

Adam and Veronica (center) are surrounded by grateful kids at the Boys and Girls Club during a recent visit.